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  • The life that Fabian Perez told in pictures

    " Thirteen years that my wheels travel on a sandy road . Along my path I left behind many things, and many more now I have lost. But the wheels keep on turning and I see the road straight in front of me , and I know that the road will lead me to many new experiences . "
     Fabian Perez "Reflections of a Dream "

    Fabian Perez was born in Buenos Aires in 1967, but his restless spirit led him to travel the world . Having spent significant parts of his life in Argentina, Italy and Japan settled in the United States .

    His work never goes unnoticed. He likes to paint with acrylics because they dry quickly and allow him to follow his impulses , without waiting for a color still wet the limitations in generating a new stroke with the brush . His images have the power to convey the charisma and sensuality of its author. An art that it is difficult to summarize in a category. No coincidence that it often repeats in his statements ... " so this limits the artist as his works ."

    Art , that of Fabian Perez, who can be told to the rhythm of tango ...

        What do they know smoothies , licked and dudes !
        What do they know things tango, what do they know of pace !
        Here is the elegance that presence , that line ,
        that poise, grace that , for that dance class !
        So you "cut the grass " as a hint "eight" ,
        for these figures so delicate I'm like a painter.
        Now a rapid pace, a tour , a figure ;
        so you can dance the tango a tango ... perfect!

    Fabian Perez Reflections in the Sun